Our church exists first to love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly, our daily ambition is to live out the Word.

Lastly, Dale Bible church exists to reach the people.

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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Bryson & Jenna Fulkerson

Bryson and Jenna have been married for 4 years and have been involved with the youth of Dale Bible Church for over 3 years. Bryson works in construction throughout the week and films weddings on the weekends, while Jenna is a 6th grade educator at David Turnham Elementary and part-time photographer for their business.  

Brad & Misty Reckelhoff

Brad and Misty have been married for almost 24 years and have a household full of young men, 4 to be exact. These two have been involved with the youth for about a year, but involved with the church for much longer than that. Brad is a family man that works at a local power plant, and Misty is a dedicated homemaker that spends her days homeschooling their boys. 

"These are some of the most inclusive, friendly, and non-clicky group of young adults we have ever seen. Their dedication to showing up every Wednesday and participating in discussion is almost unheard of in today's youth. We know it's tough growing up in this day and age, that is why we constantly encourage these young folks to pursue righteousness and to grow in their walk with Christ as they move closer to adulthood each and every day." 

                                             -DBC Youth  Leaders


The Youth Ministry at DBC is packed full of activities almost on a weekly basis at times. About every two months or so, the entire group participates in a larger fun activity together such as rock climbing, ice skating, hiking, concerts, and more! 


We believe that instructing our youth to put others first and to be in service to those in need is a vital character trait to acquire as they mature. The youth sacrificing a little time and a little effort in our church body and community is healthy exercise for their character. 


A yearly tradition of Dale's youth is to attend our yearly summer camp called Shakamak Bible Camp. This is a week long camp with a stuffed full schedule each and every day. Activities include swimming, hiking, boating, group games, tournaments, and more! 


A unique opportunity of the DBC youth group is meeting up and doing activities with the other churches in our region. From lock-in's to put put golf, the groups have a blast together no matter what.  

For the past 2 years, the youth group at Dale Bible Church has used the Word Of Life curriculum to teach and instruct their youth. It is well structured material containing tools to teach our young adults and devotion books to hold them accountable to daily studying the Word. 






Hey Parents! This is for you ! 

With school in session, that means all things youth group related are in full swing! If your 7th - 12th grader plans on attending all or just one youth group event, we need a consent form from you. Click below to check it out and to submit one for every student that will be attending!