We're so happy you are here!     ////

Thanks for joining us

Whether you have been with us before or are a first timer, WELCOME!! Feel free to dress casually, grab a cup of coffee, and find a comfy seat. Just a heads up though, a few folks will probably stop you along the way to introduce themselves. We're pretty friendly around here!

1     "I have littles...."

We have you covered! 

Downstairs is our staffed nursery facility split in to two rooms. You will receive a vibrating pager once your child is signed in to alert you if you are ever needed! 

"Do you have kids programs..  2

We sure do!! 

Sunday morning starting at 9:00am are age appropriate sunday school classes downstairs, along with our Just for kids program on wednesday nights at 6:00pm

3     "What is the Sunday

         moring service like...."

In one word, Relaxed!

Our service entails 4-5 modern well-known worship songs lead by our multi-instrument worship team, about 30-40 minutes diving in to God's word, then a few words of life application to wrap things up! 

Don't see

an answer you need?

Connect with us and we will happily tell you anything you would like to know! 

300 E Vine St. 

Dale, IN 47523

(812) 214-1838

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