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Encouraging Children


Our Just For Kids program is an inclusive and engaging time for children 3 years old/potty trained through 6th grade. It is packed full of scripture memory, bible time, games, and of course snacks!  

What Takes Place

An evening at JFK consists of a mixture of games, bible time, scripture memory, and of course snacks! The overall environment at JFK is a friendly, welcoming experience for all children! With everything from the games to the bible lesson, the design of this children's program is to be all-inclusive making your child feel right at home! 

Scripture memory has been a cornerstone of JFK since it's kickoff over 15 years ago. Adults to this day that went through this program in their younger years credit much of their memory of the Word to the JFK program! This memorization coupled with the weekly bible lessons is consistent positive reinforcement with the gospel!  

...One of the greatest privileges of Dale Bible Church is the opportunity of sharing the truth of Scripture with children.... teaching them the truths of God's Word early on is a great way to help them better know how to approach life and all that kids today will face..

Pastor Justin Halder

How it's done..

We have recently implemented the Word of Life curriculum in to our Just For Kids program! This is an incredible asset to our program that challenges our youngsters to live their lives for Christ at a young age! From the daily Quiet Times that the kids are encouraged to complete, to the lessons that designed to reinforce what they studied in their Quiet Times for that week, the kids in JFK are truly set up for success! 

Click here to see more from Word of Life Ministries! 

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